D&C 132 A Series of Questions and Discussions with Brian C. Hales

Book Review

"Documentation or Illusion: A Review of Drew Briney’s, Silencing Mormon Polygamy," By Brian C. Hales


Mormon Polygamy Documents: Fundamentalist Documents


Polygamy Story: Fiction and Fact by J. Max Anderson

A well-researched examination of the claims to 1886 ordinations by Max Anderson.  Originally published in 1979.

The Priesthood of Modern Polygamy: An LDS Perspective  by Brian C. Hales and J. Max Anderson

A book-length look at Mormon Fundamentalism's priesthood organization and their claims to a legitimate line of priesthood authority originating with Joseph Smith through Lorin Woolley.  Originally Published in 1992.

The Doctrines of Mormon Fundamentalism  by Brian C. Hales and J. Max Anderson

An in-depth discussion of the most common doctrinal concerns of Mormon fundamentalists.

Is Fundamentalism Fundamental?   by Brian C. Hales

This short pamphlet gives concise responses to many Mormon fundamentalist criticisms of the LDS Church.  Summary chart click here.

Lorin C. Woolley Biography by Brian C. Hales

A biography of Lorin C. Woolley, discussing his life, teachings and unfulfilled prophecies

Joseph W. Musser Biography by Brian C. Hales and J. Max Anderson

A short biography of Joseph W. Musser, "Father of the 'Mormon Fundamentalist' Movement"

Fundamentalist Publications

The New and Everlasting Covenant of Marriage by Joseph W. Musser

Published in 1933, it gives the first public hints of an external Priesthood organization.

Supplement to the New and Everlasting Covenant of Marriage  by Joseph W. Musser and J. Leslie Broadbent.

Published in 1934, it provided many more details regarding the Council of Friends or non-Church Priesthood Council.  Chapter six would be edited and reprinted later that year as Priesthood Items

A Priesthood Issue by Joseph W. Musser

Published in 1948, A Priesthood Issue is a "second edition" of the 1934 publication, Priesthood Items. Readers are encouraged to study the claims and conclusions presented before believing them.

Autobiography of Joseph W. Musser by Joseph W. Musser

An autobiographical recollection of this gifted and charismatic fundamentalist leader.

Book of Remembrance of Joseph W. Musser by Joseph W. Musser

Joseph Musser's handwritten notes from meetings with Lorin C. Woolley 1930-34.

Celestial Marriage by J. Leslie Broadbent

This collection of quotations was printed in 1927 and was one of the first fundamentalist tracts.

Letter from Vance Allred to Brian C. Hales by Vance Allred

This 1991 letter expounds many of the traditional beliefs held by Mormon fundamentalists.  Vance Allred subsequently left fundamentalism, joining the LDS Church, and is a friend of Brian Hales.

Charles F. Zitting by Laura Tree Zitting

A useful history of the fourth ordained High Priest Apostle from Lorin C. Woolley's 1932 Council of Seven Friends.  Written by one of his plural wives.

A Leaf in Review  by B. Harvey Allred

Published in 1932, Allred provides his own critical view of the problems associated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Lorin Woolley stated that every word was "scripture."  However, its teachings about priesthood authority contradict Woolley, Broadbent, Barlow, and Musser's doctrines taught the very next year.

Priesthood Expounded  by Ervil LeBaron

Ervil LeBaron demonstrated his incredible creativity in this complex and confusing discussion of the LeBaron priesthood authority claims and other doctrines.